Alyson grew up loving gymnastics, tennis & all sports. As she grew up she continued to play many sports but flipping, flying & soaring through the air was not something she continued to do (aside from flipping on the trampoline with her kids).  In 2013 Alyson saw pictures of AntiGravity® Fitness and knew she must try it!  So began the journey to opening her own certified AntiGravity® Studio which she did in August 2015.  


Alyson has attended many hours of AntiGravity® Training and is certified to teach Fundamentals levels 1 & 2, Suspension Fitness, AIRbarre, Restorative, Aerial Pilates & Aerial Fitness.  She is proud to be the only instructor in Idaho Falls certified to teach Airbarre®!   


Alyson holds a masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology & continues to practice speech therapy using AntiGravity® Hammocks to increase auditory comprehension, fluent speech, clear more organized thoughts and better memory retention.  She is thrilled to be sharing her love of AntiGravity® Fitness at an affordable rate with the Idaho Falls Community.